What if each place is all places, mirror film/copying carbon paper/packing tape/stamp, 76 x 76 cm, 2015.
Death opens no door, photograph/mirror film/stamp, 2014.
Kevin Krumnikl: TENWORDSANDONESHOT, VOL. IV, 2014.
Mausoleum, wood/photograph/papercut/stamp, 2013. (photo: Peter Grünheim)
Für Computer Camp, Asbestos/Heartbreaker, 2013.
Indicate the missing parts, photograph/papercut, 2012.
If you cover gehenna it looks quite nice, photograph/papercut, 2012.
A vast capacity for absence, photograph/papercut/stamp, 2011.
Cultivate a space for the things that hurt you most, photograph/papercut, 2011.
Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden, 2011
Für Spineless, The Unfortunate Story of Lotti Knaak, 2011.
Voiding in progress, photograph/papercut/stamp, 2011.
Mapping ghost towns, photograph/papercut/stamp, 2011.
Home is a warm puppy/pussy/cock/house, photograph/papercut/stamp, 2011.
Kavaliersdelikt, copy/stamp, 2008.
Ertragsfolge, wild strawberry/insects, 2008.
Abtasten, 2006.